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I Love My New Role

I was away from my home in Madera for three years.  I lived in the San Diego area during that time.  Of course, I enjoyed it immensely and made many true friends and re-connected with some precious old friends. During … Continue reading

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Happiness on a Rope — Like Soap!

If you’re seeking happiness, let me suggest that it is slippery, like soap. If it slips away, don’t blame yourself for losing it.  There are going to be lots of moments like that.  Sometimes, you’ve got to just face the … Continue reading

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A Miracle in Chicago

Today was an amazing day.  I transferred my new car into my name today, changed the license plates, trained some dogs, caught up with an old friend, and got some gardening done.  Now I’m basking in the gorgeous sunset in … Continue reading

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A Miracle on Wheels!

Yesterday I had the most amazing thing happen to me.  My dad had offered to give me his car, but I live in Madera, CA and he lives in San Diego. That’s 6 hours of straight driving in a car, … Continue reading

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Look for the simple things!

One thing that has helped me enormously in my recovery from depression is the practice of looking for simple things to appreciate. When the people around you are screaming, fighting, and blaming, it can be really helpful to look for … Continue reading

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Every day brings new joy…

Every day brings plenty of blessings, whether or not we are in an emotional state to receive it.  A phone call this morning left me in a depressed mood, but a bike ride to my neighborhood Starbucks and a quick perusal … Continue reading

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Feeling Desperate? Life is fun anyway…

If you’re depressed, probably you are DESPERATE about a number of subjects. For example: 1. Relationships — there is probably someone (or several) you would really like to get OUT of your life. 2. Money — there is something that … Continue reading

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