What an incredible journey this is …

I just landed at my new town in Madera, CA. I’ve been away for three years, although I’ve lived here before. I’m starting out with no car, no actual room yet (I have a couch), and no income. However, it’s been my experience that wonderful things happen, even when you don’t see how they can.

Those moments of discouragement help you remember that your job is to align with your highest good and accept it. Although things seem pretty uncertain, that uncertainty is what tells you that there is a possibility that something really great will happen. Some pretty amazing things have happened to me before, like the free trip to Fiji, and they could very well happen again.

So look out, world! Here I come!

Thanks for following and I hope you’ll continue! You’re either going to see me crash and burn or come out smelling like a rose.


Andrea Robinson

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