A Miracle on Wheels!

Yesterday I had the most amazing thing happen to me.  My dad had offered to give me his car, but I live in Madera, CA and he lives in San Diego. That’s 6 hours of straight driving in a car, and all I had was a bicycle!

I decided not to worry too much about it, since I really couldn’t come up with any feasible way to go get the car.  I thought about contacting my dog-rescuing friends to see if I could hitchhike with one of the dogs traveling south to San Diego (and, in return, bring a dog back).  But that would be rather complex to arrange and I had some other logistical challenges with that idea.  I finally decided that I would be okay saying “No, thank you,” to the offer or that somehow a way would emerge.

I sat down to read an inspirational e-book from Unreal Living (http://www.unrealliving.com/my-e-book/) to take my mind off of this conundrum and refresh my spirit. After all, my mission in life is to be “Feeling Good Today!”

The title of the e-book was, “Do Your Impossible,” and I enjoyed reading it.  I was sitting there reading a line that went something like, “You won’t believe how beautifully things will come together for you…” when the phone rang.  It was my girlfriend, Carol, who lives in San Diego.

Carol says to me, “I’m just leaving San Francisco to go back home.  I got a new car, and it’s a beautiful day!  Maybe I can come down and visit you on the way.   How do I get to Fresno* from here?”  Well, I just about screamed!  There was my answer!

I asked Carol if she would be willing to give me a lift to get my car, and she readily agreed.  She just happened to be going to the exact area where I wanted to go, and that was great for me!

I’ve been studying The Secret since 2009, and it occurred to me that this “coincidence” was actually no accident!  Feeling Good Today creates a good future, as if the Universe or God were reading my mind and figuring out a fun way to give me what I was asking for.

But was it a sacrifice for her to give me a ride? If it was, then this coincidence wasn’t really a result of practicing The Secret at all, because practicing The Secret is said to bring good to all concerned, not just one person at the expense of others.

I will tell you how I realized that this trip was actually beneficial for both of us.

As we started out on our drive, Carol asked me if I knew where the Sun-Maid Raisin Store was, and I didn’t.  True, I live across the street from a vineyard and there are vineyards everywhere in our valley, but I just didn’t know.

She told me that she had found and enjoyed the the Sun-Maid Store on I-5 about 12 years previously. She had enjoyed it so much that she had searched for the store every single time she drove I-5 since that time.  But she had never found it again.

Unfortunately, in order to pick me up, she had to take State Route 99, which runs parallel to I-5, instead.

The change of highways didn’t add much mileage to Carol’s trip, and we had a great time riding in the car together.  We goofed around, made a surprise phone call to one of our mutual friends, and also got into our “deepy-deep” issues.   This was girlfriend fun at its best!

After being on the road for awhile, I saw a billboard for the Sun-Maid Store on the side of the road!  We pulled off the road, and there it was — the Sun-Maid World Headquarters Raisin Store!  99 instead of I-5!

In that instant, we looked at each other and realized that this trip was MEANT to happen!  Even the lady in the store got a huge kick out of our story!

My take-away from this adventure:  Life is good when you’re feeling good.  Learn to feel good more of the time, and good things start to happen for you and for everyone you know.

If you’re afraid to feel good because you think it’s selfish, remember the miracle of finding that store in ADDITION to the miracle of finding a 360-mile ride without even looking!

Remember that you’re in a better position to help yourself and anyone else when you feel good. You’re just stronger, more receptive to good things, and better able to help those around you.  You’re more “response-able.”

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about my miracle in Chicago!



*Fresno is only about 20 minutes away from my town, Madera.

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4 Responses to A Miracle on Wheels!

  1. The word sacrifice actually means to make holy (usually interpreted as giving up something we are attached to or doing some thing that is hard, painful or a struggle). Your friend did in fact sacrifice! Together, you made the day holy with your acceptance of the gifts that came your way.

  2. Wow, that’s great! Thank you for a new definition and a new, fresh look at the word.

    Yes, we made the day totally holy! Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

  3. Carol Mackay says:

    Thanks for sharing this story of magic – I got to relive the fun again!

    • Carol, that was a day to remember! I hope that sharing it inspires others to allow for the possibility that amazingly wonderful things can happen without any stress or strain. 🙂

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