I Love My New Role

I was away from my home in Madera for three years.  I lived in the San Diego area during that time.  Of course, I enjoyed it immensely and made many true friends and re-connected with some precious old friends.

During this time, I decided to launch a new, fun, joyful, exciting, invigorating, and exhilarating home business:  Feeling Good Today.  In short, I wanted a new way to make money that would be a real kick!!  I also wanted to share some fun information with the community as a way to give back.  So I decided to work with depressed and suicidal people.  It just sounds like an absolute ball.

I had some doubts getting started.  I reasoned that since suicidal people often don’t have any money, perhaps my new venture would never be profitable.  I got a lot of mentors and bounced my ideas off of them, and pretty much everybody agreed that it was a crazy idea (kind of like the idea of helping the homeless for fun and profit).  But the idea would just not leave me alone, so I said, “What the heck!”

After all, not everybody I know has been suicidally depressed.  I have!  So who would be better suited for serving those who are in that state of mind?  The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was not a PhD in psychology or a world-famous psychiatrist.  He was an alcoholic.

Last night I had a beautiful dream.  First, I dreamed that I got a plum job in an exclusive, renowned school doing important work.  It felt great to be needed, secure, and worthwhile.  Next, I noticed a person sitting on the edge of a cliff nearby and said, “Hey, isn’t that odd that you’re positioned so close to the edge?”  He looked and laughed, and said, “Yes, it is, isn’t it?”  He stayed in his spot and started talking in an animated way, and I quite enjoyed listening to him.  But when I took my eyes off of him for a few minutes, still listening, he dropped off the side of the cliff.  He apparently forgot where he was.  He wasn’t necessarily hurt, but experienced a ten-foot drop.

It was kind of a funny dream, as if the “fairies of the universe” were telling me that yes, I do have an important role to play and that I will be profitable, but no, I will probably not be able to help everybody.  But they also told me, in a lighthearted way, that there is value in sharing my point of view with those who are ready to hear it and that those who are not ready will find their own way without too much trouble.

For some reason, now that I’m an optimistic person instead of a miserable one, I think I can handle that. I hope that I’ll attract those who are ready for me.

I think the fairies hope so, too.

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