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Today was Just One of those Good Days …

…in which I didn’t get that much done! I rehearsed a song for church tomorrow with a friend, put some wood putty on some trim that the dogs ate a long time ago (so I can finish painting that wall), … Continue reading

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Was God smoking today?

I was driving to a government agency to check up on an issue that’s been bothering me a great deal lately.  Despite my attempts to be upbeat, I do run into issues from time to time that bug me.  As … Continue reading

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I Promised You This…

I explicitly promised you uplifting connections for a positive life when I started this blog, and I’ve come across an amazing person who truly fits the bill:  Brian Tracy. I’ve heard his name in passing, but I never knew who he was … Continue reading

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A Mental Visit with Better-Feeling People

There are three kinds of people in the world, and only you can categorize them.  There are those who make you feel good when you’re around them, those who make you feel bad, and those who leave you feeling blah. … Continue reading

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Find Something to Enjoy in Every Day

I walked outside of my house and found the sunset to be so breathtaking that I could not resist making a video of it.  A truck drove by and as it did, a woman passenger shouted out to me, “Beautiful!”  It was obvious that the … Continue reading

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How to Flow Good into Your Life — Even When You’re Flat on Your Backside

Today I was priming around a window so I could paint. Long story short, I was done priming and ready to climb down off the ladder, holding a wet paint brush in one hand and a full can of white primer … Continue reading

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“It is Never Too Late to Have a Happy Life” — Ramona Frances

Wow!!  My friend Ramona told me this today, and I about fell out of my chair! This is SO true!  It is never too late to have a happy life. Even if you’ve had a life of turmoil and upset, … Continue reading

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