Express Yourself to Feel Good!

Last night was great!  I went to Open Mic night at the Madera Community Library, expecting to listen to others and give a little talk about my background and book.  But there were so many children there that my planned comments about suicidal depression wouldn’t exactly be a great fit for that audience!

I sat there listening to the others, not knowing what to do when my turn came and feeling a little insecure.  One of the men there performed a dynamite bluegrass song that he may have written himself.  It was fun, clever, well delivered, and had a twist.  After he was done, some of the children did solos.  By the time my turn came, I felt inspired to sing a song that I haven’t done in years! (True, I couldn’t remember all the words, but figured that nobody else would know the missing pieces — so I took the liberty of faking it.)  Before the night was over, the hostess and I did a fun duet although we had never even met before.

It was a great event and I am now adding “be spontaneous” to my list of feel-good advice.  Don’t hold back when you have something fun to share.



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