The Wisdom of Puppies and Toddlers

Today I was playing with a puppy and throwing a toy for her. At one point, she lay on her back with the toy in her mouth, but as she relaxed, it slipped out of her limp mouth and slid to the floor.

I picked up the toy and threw it again (only a few feet, mind you), and she looked over at that toy and weighed up whether or not she wanted to go get it. Of course, as you may imagine, she decided she did, and she kept her eye on that toy as she rolled over and went off to get it.

It suddenly occurred to me that if she were a human, she probably would have looked at me instead of the toy and said, “Hey! What’s the big idea!? DAMN YOU for taking my toy and throwing it over there when you know I’m tired!” But she didn’t.

Maybe we should all strive for the wisdom displayed by the puppy. If you want something, keep your eye on it and never get distracted by the people around you, who may or may not have your best interest at heart.

Life is meant to be fun. We knew that when we were toddlers.

Thanks for the lesson, Roxy the puppy!



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2 Responses to The Wisdom of Puppies and Toddlers

  1. Guy Gadd says:

    You are right on. Always keep your eyes on the prize and work towards your goals.

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