How to Flow Good into Your Life — Even When You’re Flat on Your Backside

Today I was priming around a window so I could paint. Long story short, I was done priming and ready to climb down off the ladder, holding a wet paint brush in one hand and a full can of white primer in the other hand.  The can had no handle, so I had to clutch it from underneath and walk down without holding the ladder.

Thinking that the ladder was so short that I only had to take one step down, I only took one step down and prepared to disembark, as they say.

Guess what happened?

Well, I was supposed to take TWO steps down before expecting to feel the earth.


Earlier that day, I just happened to be thinking about our fairly new carpeting, how hard we struggled to get it, and how important it was to keep it spotless and protect it from the paint.

But then I thought, “If you have to struggle and strain to do something, then maybe you’ll have to struggle and strain your whole life just to maintain it … and is that worth it?  I need to stop worrying so much about the carpet.”

But as I sailed through the air with an open, full can of primer and no free hand to catch myself, all I could think was, “Here I go!”

I realized that there was no way I could save the carpeting from the huge puddle that was about to engulf it.

But the story wouldn’t be complete without the amazing outcome …. you will never believe what happened, so I’m going to show you a picture.

What pattern do you think got imprinted on my carpet? (My beautiful, solid grey carpet…that I worked so hard to buy…)

Scroll down…

Keep Scrolling …

You’re getting warmer …

You’re almost there …

Check it out!!


In actuality, NO pattern of primer ended up on the floor, because not even a drop spilled on it, and the brush didn’t hit it either. By some crazy and beneficial freak of nature, NOTHING HAPPENED.

True, I landed on my backside in a rather undignified manner, without even a free hand to catch myself, but what can I say? Some of the paint spilled out of the can, but it only dribbled down the side and I was able to set the can on some newspaper before it dripped down to the carpet.

Maybe practicing so many Parachute Landing Falls finally paid off after all these years.

Here is the whole story on video:

(Don’t let the fact that the carpet needs shampooing override the amazing luck that resulted in a primer-free carpet!)

Please comment below and subscribe to my You Tube Channel if you want.

Wishing you lots of luck flowing into your life!



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2 Responses to How to Flow Good into Your Life — Even When You’re Flat on Your Backside

  1. Kreative Inspirations says:

    That was amazing, Andrea, and awesome.

  2. It was! Thank you so much for commenting! I have to admit that I was actually laughing out loud as I was typing that post. 🙂

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