Today was Just One of those Good Days …

…in which I didn’t get that much done!

I rehearsed a song for church tomorrow with a friend, put some wood putty on some trim that the dogs ate a long time ago (so I can finish painting that wall), and rehearsed the other two songs while the putty was drying.

I also had a dog training appointment that went really well today. The dog we are working with was reactive and is responding incredibly well to the desensitization techniques and he’s calming down beautifully.

One of my best friends helped me with the dog training, and afterwards we got a chance to go shopping together, which we haven’t done in ages.  That was one of the big highlights of the day.  We just had fun.

I also heard from several people today that I haven’t heard from in years.  It was absolutely terrific.

To top this off, I just got a call from my friend Ramona, who finally learned how to dive into a swimming pool today after wanting to learn her entire life!  Fear kept her from doing it, and today she discovered that she can dive almost effortlessly by visualizing herself doing it first.  What a spectacular day.

Life is full of promises.  There is so much good stuff to do.  There is a lot of stuff clamoring for your attention, like chores, obligations, and “shoulds.”  The best guide is not your head, but your gut.  When you feel a gut-level enthusiasm for the task at hand, that’s your indicator that this is the best time to do it!

If you have to do something that you don’t enjoy doing, take a few seconds and think about how good it will feel after it’s done and how satisfied and relieved you will be.  Then do it, and the job will go more smoothly.  Like Ramona, you might find out that you could have done it easily all along, but fear that it would be hard was holding you back.  🙂

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