What’s Your Life’s Purpose?

You might say that I have a weird life’s purpose.  It seems to me that people have something specific in mind when they speak of their own, i.e.,”I want to become a doctor so I can help heal inner-city youth,” or, “I want to achieve an income of $350,000 per year by the time I reach age 33.”

Mine goes something like this:  “I want to spread love and joy to everyone I meet.”  Sounds pretty Pollyanna-ish, doesn’t it?

And everybody has a “why” nowadays:  “Why do I work so hard?  So I can provide good things for my baby girl,” or “Why do I spend so much time volunteering at the shelter?  So I can save every homeless animal in this county.”

While everybody else’s “why” sounds valid and logical, if you asked me, “Why do you want to spread love and joy to everyone you meet?”  I would say, “Because it feels good.”

My purpose and my why are both very general, but maybe that’s why they are so easy to stick to.  It’s very easy to tell when I’m straying from the path, because I don’t feel good or I’m harboring very unjoyful thoughts.  You might think that I have very little accountability built into my purpose and why, but I can tell how I feel every waking moment, so I know if I’m living my purpose or not.

Do you have a quirky life’s purpose or take on life?   And are you satisfied with where you’ve been and where you’re going?

I’ve got to give a shout-out to Keith Haginn, who appears as “Reader of the Month” in Project Light to Life.  He’s got a rare outlook and inspires authenticity.




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3 Responses to What’s Your Life’s Purpose?

  1. Gia says:

    It does not matter if anyone’s life purpose is big or small or quirky or goofy or specific or general. As long as it gets you jumping out of your bed every morning with a renewed zest for life, thats all matters:) So dear Andrea, I love that a broad statement is your life purpose because even the smallest of things can fall under that broad category and thus make you feel good and happy and purposeful. At the end of the day, thats all matters..whether we feel good and are able to make people around us feel good:)!

    • Thanks, Gia!! I appreciate the validation! I know that you’ve gone through a process to discover your own life purpose and I am wondering if you would mind sharing yours.

      I remember you telling a story of a life-changing observation you made one day on a simple shopping trip. It might not have seemed earth-shaking to you at the time, but it really made a big difference in your perspective from that time forth. What was it that you observed and how do you think it changed your perspective? I think that others have experienced the same thing and might benefit from hearing your story around life purpose too. xox

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