My Focus Wheel with Susan

Yesterday, my friend Susan and I did a Focus Wheel together.  This process is something I picked up from Abraham-Hicks.

Susan has enough money to get by, but wanted the ease of having plenty so that her life was easier.  She started off by talking about winning the lottery, but the idea of winning a huge sum of money in a windfall just seemed awkward in a lot of ways.  First of all, the amount she was mentioning was way beyond what she would even know what to do with. She doesn’t have the financial team assembled to help administer these funds upon arrival and had no plan for finding the right people or even what people she would need.  I had a feeling that she just wanted relief and improvement and didn’t really care to be a millionaire.

We decided to do a Focus Wheel to get what she REALLY wants:  an easier life, plenty to enjoy, good relationships that do not involve struggling with money, etc.  When you really think about it, most of us want money simply because we think we would feel better once we got it.  The Focus Wheel process helps us do two things:  (1)  It helps us feel better in the here-and-now, as if we already had it, and (2)  It helps put us in such a positive frame of mind that we are more receptive to opportunities, ideas, and people who can help us get the money we want.  (Of course, the Focus Wheel process can be used to help us feel better about any subject, not just money.)

The Focus Wheel just looks like a large circle on a piece of paper with 12 smaller circles all around it, like the face of a clock:

Focus Wheel - blank

We started out trying to identify the disparity between Susan’s current reality and her desired reality.  On the outside of the circle, we wrote her current belief about her financial prospects, which essentially amounted to: “I have just enough to get by, but it feels tight.” Then we wrote the desired outcome that she wanted in the inside of the circle, which had to do with comfort, fun, and ease in her relationship with money.   Our next job was to fill in each little circle around the wheel with examples of real-life conditions that support the belief that she can turn her financial worries around.

Susan is a retired teacher who does substitute work, so the first circle she filled in (at the one o’clock position) said, “I get a check every month whether I work or not.”  It’s true and it supports the idea that money can come into her life with no particular effort.

At the two o’clock position, she put, “I can put my energies wherever I choose.”  This is true because as a retiree, she really can.  She can do what she chooses and is not subject to anybody else’s whim.

We went around the wheel and filled in each small circle with a truism that supports the idea that she can have the life that she wants:  an easy, financially comfortable life with the freedom to enjoy it.

Lo and behold, by the time we had filled in the first three or four little circles, we were both getting eager to do the next one and discover more positive indicators that we had been overlooking.  This little exercise changed our predominant mood, and therefore Susan’s outlook, and subsequently her receptivity to opportunity.

Susan then re-read all the truisms in the little circles and scratched out her old belief on the outside of the circle.  She read her desired outcome again with renewed conviction.   Her life actually supports the concept that she can and should be able to get another income stream and prosper in the near future.

When you feel hopeful that you can get something, you generally keep your ear to the ground for that idea, opportunity, or person who can help you.  When you feel discouraged and believe that you’ll never make it, you might be looking down at the ground and miss the opportunity when it presents itself right in front of you.

Susan had the first manifestation of this exercise in the forms of enthusiasm and ideas today.  We elicited a good mood on the subject of money yesterday, and today the ideas and opportunities are becoming apparent and reachable.

Thanks for letting me share this, Susan!

Please reply below if you have a way to pump yourself up for success, find the silver lining, or have a comment about this process.  I really appreciate all the comments.



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3 Responses to My Focus Wheel with Susan

  1. Gia says:

    I liked the detailed explanation of the Focus Wheel and how it helped changed Susan’s perspective on her financial situation. Having personally done it too, I know it can provide grounding in the now and clarity on how to proceed and Andrea is a TERRIFIC person to do it with!

    • Thank you, Gia!!! I know we had a very powerful experience with yours and I’m so glad you’re still going strong and doing what you came to this planet to do! You are a true inspiration! xox

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