There are some people in my life whom I consider to be … well, let’s not call them … okay, what the heck!  They are “drama queens” (or kings).

When I see people making a big deal out of nothing, I feel a little discord inside.  I let myself get disturbed by whatever they are allowing to dramatize their lives.  There they are, playing the leading role, and quite eloquently, too.  But I just want to exit, stage left.

Then I begin to realize that there must be something I’m doing to play into the drama, or it would simply pass me by and not even be noticeable.

Did you ever notice that when somebody says something really ridiculous to you, and you just don’t pay any attention, that person eventually goes away?  And did you ever notice that when you try to use logic to rebut the ridiculous statement, it simply escalates into a very long, drawn-out conversation in which you spend most of your time surreptitiously looking at a watch?

You see, as much as I hate to admit it, the times when I’m most disturbed by drama queens is when I’m actually paying attention to them.  What if I just found something different to think about?  What if I watched a really engrossing movie or read a good book?  What if I said, “Oh, gee, look at the time,” and excused myself politely?  You see, I don’t think it’s the drama queen’s fault if I decide to get caught up in the plot.

I’m not suggesting we should be insensitive or uncaring.  I’m just realizing that I’m spending my time worrying about the problems of others when I actually have a few of my own I would like to work out.  And I’m also realizing that since I can’t solve their problems, I am sometimes just amplifying those problems by paying so much homage to them.

We have all played the role of drama king or queen from time to time, I guess.

My goal in life is to snap out of it!

Maybe I should just play in comedies from now on.


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2 Responses to Drama

  1. Keletso says:

    I may be siding with you here, about drama queens.

  2. Thanks, Keletso! It just happened again, earlier today! I let myself get sucked into a drama … fortunately I didn’t add any words to the drama this time!

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