Great Class Last Night — The Prosperity Project

My friend Susan and I facilitated a terrific class/support group last night called The Prosperity Project.  We felt that we had a lot of knowledge stored in our brains that we wanted to gift to the world, so we held a session for anyone who showed up.

A small group of us talked about feeling good, vibrational resonance with wealth, shifting one’s focus from negative memories to pleasant ones, and the possibility of making this an ongoing series.  Susan brought some great prizes and peach cobbler to dispense in between reading quotes from prosperity-conscious people.

One of the first things we did was to watch a few You Tube videos about vibrations moving objects.  This is one of my favorite ways to show the power of vibration.  If you have good vibes, people can feel it.  And if you have bad vibes, they can feel that, too.  (We’re not trained to read people’s vibrations, so we often ignore them.  Fortunately, it’s easy to get used to doing it again.  We did it when we were children and it served us well.)

Here is one my favorites:

Reading vibrations is easy.  Simply start to notice how a person makes you feel.  You can soften your focus on what the person is saying or doing and notice more of the way you feel in their presence.

There are some finer points involved, but that’s a good start.  It’s one of the ways your inner voice guides you toward the things that you want.  Follow your instincts, and you’ll be like an airplane flying towards a destination.  You might have to make adjustments and course corrections here and there, but you will eventually get to the exact place you want to go.

What does vibration have to do with prosperity?  Have you ever met somebody and immediately liked them or known that they could help you?  Or have you ever met somebody and known that you could easily be of service to them?  Our prosperity is tied into our ability to relate to people in many ways.  If there is someone who impresses you and has the level of prosperity that you desire, start looking at their vibration and see if you can match it.

If you’ve had an interesting experience with vibration and/or a search for prosperity, let’s hear it under “reply” below.


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