National Grouch Day!

The Grouch

The Grouch
of Sesame Street

I don’t know how I let this get by me, but yesterday was National Grouch Day!  How could I have missed such a momentous occasion!?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been pretty hard on myself the last few weeks, turning myself into … well …  A GROUCH!

But according to the good folks over at Sesame Street, there are some very positive qualities about grouches.

1.  They offer a reality check.  While the rest of us are having fun and enjoying our sunny days, they are sure to come along and rain on our parades.

2.  They help us process our negative emotions.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been grumpy from time to time, at times striving to be downright abusive, and all this negative emotion makes us process negative emotions.  (Huh? I don’t get my own point.)

3.  They teach us how to place blame on outside conditions.  (And I always say, it is better for your mental health to blame others than to blame yourself!)

4.  They give us a chance to practice unconditional love.  Who hasn’t known a really grouchy person that they didn’t love anyway?  My ex-roommate gave me one of the truly grouchiest speeches I have ever heard about the condition of the planet, our prospects of ever having a good life, human nature, etc., the contents of which cannot be quoted here. (This blog is rated G.) Just trust me — it was so authentic and true-to-life that his grouchiness made me adore him even more!  In fact, everyone present cracked up.  (Juicy, gutsy, gritty, no-give-a-darn authenticity! THAT’s what we’re looking for in life.)

5.  If we didn’t have grouches, where would all our good stories come from?  Surely we would be bored at the movies if the hero had a great job, found a great girl, invented a great invention, and lived happily ever after WITHOUT the trials and hardships inserted by a good, old-fashioned grouch.

To quote Muppet Wiki via the Christian Science Monitor, “A Grouch’s mission in life is to be as miserable and grouchy as possible, and pass that feeling on to everyone else.” Now, that sounds like a clear-cut, realistic goal that we can all strive to embody.

For a more innocent look at the grouch and to see the full article in the Monitor, from whence came much of my plagiarized content, right click here:

CSM Article on National Grouch Day

In the meantime, I’ll be skipping down the path singing, “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”

Happy Day-After-Grouch-Day

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