You know that crazy Music?

Hi, everyone. I’m Anjelica Way. I’m here to help people reaching for a way out of depression.  I suffered for years and I’m happy to be able to help others by telling my story and demonstrating the kind of life you can have when that awesome burden is lifted.

I’ve discovered some truths that helped enormously. I hope they help you, too, as I share them with you.

Since I recovered, I do something rather crazy (but fun) pretty much every day.  I put on “Happy,” or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” or some other crazy, fun music to dance to every day.

I just find something I like and dance around, even though it looks a little like the hippos in “Fantasia.”dancing hippo

Today the music that came to mind was the schmaltzy music they play on Britain’s Got Talent when it looks like someone’s going to be kicked off the show but gets to stay anyway.  You know — the hero music! The underdog wins again!

Now I know that whenever something good happens to me, no matter how minor, it’s up to me to remember to celebrate.

I don’t have to spend money, as I can just do it at home when the spirit moves me.  I don’t waste my chance, even if the celebration’s only a few  minutes long and just involves singing to a pet.

Guess what? You don’t just lose the depression and never have a bad day after that.  So don’t wait for a pleateau when you have no depression for several years.

Celebrate now, even if you’re only happy for 10  minutes.  Even if you play it down so you don’t get too embarrassed! 🙂

It’s proactive to look for things to be happy about. And let yourself feel it! No need to feel guilty.

Just do it.  Putting it off will not save anyone else, you know. 😉

I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Do you celebrate? Let yourself have fun? If you do, I’d love to hear how and why you do.


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