Do You Have Time to be Inspired?

I woke up today and got a phone call that completely inspired me. It was from a friend, and she and I have been hatching an idea to bring our joys to TV. We had such a great call that I plunged in and put a few hours of work into the project regardless of anything else I had to do.

In the past, working my inspiration would have been the LAST thing on my priorities. Why?

Because in the past, I was living in fear and terrified that some significant other would find out, cast judgment, and make my life a living hell. This fear was based on past life experiences, and had nothing to do with finding my dream, developing the person I really was, or embracing my passions. It was simply based on avoiding pain.

The trouble with avoiding pain is that you end up like a ship captain whose only focus is to avoid rocks. So the ship captain might steer as close to the rocks as possible so he can see them and knows exactly where they are. He might run aground anyway, because he’s tried so hard to avoid the rocks that he put himself very close to them.

Or, the captain can steer straight down the middle of the river, trying to be as far from the rocks as possible, but then he never gets to land anywhere because he’s afraid of getting close to the shoreline. Eventually, he’s going to run out of fuel and supplies. The ship ends up drifting wherever it gets carried by the current, and runs aground.

This is what I call being stuck.

Following your inspirations is the key to getting unstuck. Placing value on that emotion of enthusiasm, eagerness, and high energy actually steers you to your dream life like a plane on autopilot will keep you on track. You still have to land it, though.

On this path, I want to know how to master my life, including my time, and as usual, I reached out to one of my favorite people, Kameron Geroge, about time management. If I’m really competent at managing my time, I have time to be inspired, too.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. Please share any timesaving tips you have below.

Kam mentioned a terrific book that he reads every single day. Here is a link to it on if you’d like to check it out:

The Magic (The Secret)

Here’s to you inspiration and plenty of free time!

Please feel free to comment below, too.


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