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Why I’m glad I abandoned my b…..

So glad to tell you that things are going well. I started this blog to help encourage people who suffer from depression or suicidal plans, thoughts, desires, etc.  That’s because I’ve been there and done that, and it isn’t pretty. … Continue reading

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Second-Guessing Yourself

I remember being a little girl, and a grownup man asked me, “What do you like to do?” And I said, “I like to have fun.” He didn’t say any words back to me, but made a sound and his … Continue reading

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National Grouch Day!

I don’t know how I let this get by me, but yesterday was National Grouch Day!  How could I have missed such a momentous occasion!? Maybe it’s because I’ve been pretty hard on myself the last few weeks, turning myself … Continue reading

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Great Class Last Night — The Prosperity Project

My friend Susan and I facilitated a terrific class/support group last night called The Prosperity Project.  We felt that we had a lot of knowledge stored in our brains that we wanted to gift to the world, so we held … Continue reading

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There are some people in my life whom I consider to be … well, let’s not call them … okay, what the heck!  They are “drama queens” (or kings). When I see people making a big deal out of nothing, … Continue reading

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My Own Focus Wheel

The day after I did my Focus Wheel with Susan (FW with Susan),  I tried to do one for myself.  You may remember that the purpose of the Focus Wheel is to shift one’s belief from a negative, self-defeating one to … Continue reading

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My Focus Wheel with Susan

Yesterday, my friend Susan and I did a Focus Wheel together.  This process is something I picked up from Abraham-Hicks. Susan has enough money to get by, but wanted the ease of having plenty so that her life was easier. … Continue reading

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